About Our Home Inspection Company

What every customer needs to know about Atkison Inspection Service, Inc.


Atkison Inspection Service, Inc. 

Atkison Inspection Service, Inc. was established in 1995 and since has conducted over 10,000 inspections, including new home build, condos, remodels and residential homes in the buying and selling process.   

We are an independent, full-time inspection service.  Our team has broad knowledge of all the systems and structures of a house, not just specialized knowledge in a particular area such as plumbing or electrical.

Errors and Omission & Professional Liability Insurance 

Atkison Inspection Service, Inc. carries insurance to protect the customer, the inspector and even the Realtor®in the event there is an error or omission that causes significant financial expense for the customer.  Keep in mind, this type of insurance is not required in the inspection industry and may inspection companies do not carry this type of coverage.  

Arizona Board of Technical Registration (AZBTR)

Each Inspector is a member of the AZBTR.  The Board is a regulatory agency for the following professions and occupations: Architects, Assayers, Certified Remediation Specialists, Clandestine Drug Laboratory Site Remediation On-Site Workers and On-Site Supervisors, Engineers, Geologist, Home Inspectors, Landscape Architects, and Surveyors.


Al Atkison

  • Home Inspection - AZBTR #38092
    Performing Home Inspections in the Valley since 1988. 

  • Construction Experience 
    Superintendent - Custom Home Builder - 3 Years
    Framing Contractor - 4 Years

  • Education
    BS - Business Administration - Finance / Northern Arizona University